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Best places to visit in 2018 in the beautiful kingdom


Some of the best places I visited last year.

Another year has gone away, quicker than I ever imagined. I don’t know about you but me personally don’t like looking back. I always say that the lessons I’ve learned from the past I got them with me, they’re part of me. Therefore, I don’t have to look back. Only this time I’ll must stop and share with you some amazing places I have seen in 2017. So, that you might decide to give them a go in 2018.

Some of them are easy to visit. Other ones require a moment of deep will for adventure and escape. And of course to organize things that you need…

My favorite places are…

Highlands of Scotland

I’m afraid on top of the list is Scotland. This wild land still not totally discovered by me, remains the gemstone of the kingdom.

The summer just gone, we’ve been camping in the small village of Contin. This is very close to both Inverness and Ulapool. From this point, anywhere you heading to in the Highlands of Scotland it’s pure beauty and a great variety of landscapes. We so much loved this little place as you didn’t need to walk far to be amazed. As part of the village are Tor Achilty Forest and Rogie Falls.

The Rogie falls are well seen from a dramatic suspension bridge and during August and September there’s an excellent chance of seeing wild salmon leaping upstream. We have seen it!!! yeay

By the way the surrounding rivers (Blackwater & Conon) are filled with trout and salmon. So, make sure you sneak in your fishing rods (of course without the wife knowing :)…she might decide that space you’re “wasting” it’s perfect for some more spare clothes for kids).

I love Scotland for the beautiful beaches and they are so many that you have all the chances of being the only person on the beach for the entire day. We even start giving names to these and pretending they’re our family hiding places. Because this is what they are, places where you are wrapped in a bubble of beautiful creation. Sometimes you see boats passing by and that’s the moment when you wake up and realize you’re not the only one on the planet.


I cherish Scotland because its small villages, where the community is extremely friendly and open to show you the surroundings and their values. Because you get to buy delicious homemade berries jam from almost any house.

I treasure Scotland for the  over 31,000 lochs (lakes) to choose from and to make one of them the closest to your heart. For us Loch Ness is one of the favorite, not necessary for the beauty but for the mistery that’s floating in the air…or on the water?!!



I’m in love with Scotland for its wildlife, when you chose the right spot you get to watch dolphins dancing, seals waving at you, whales and puffins. Some of the best places we have tried to spot this sweet animals are:

  • Chanonry Point, in Cromarty ( The dolphins are often visible off Chanonry point, particularly on an incoming tide when they play and fish in the strong currents). Of course we didn’t know they’re coming with the tide, so we waited a very long time. If you want a entire day at the beach it doesn’t matter but when you’re with a bunch of noisy dwarfs asking every second where the dolphins are…you might want to go there just on time.
  • John O’Groats, where you can spot Atlantic Puffins during their breeding season which runs from late-Spring to early Summer, generally May to July. Also here at all times of the year you can watch the grey seals. Then not to forget about Orcas (killer whales), which are regularly seen off the coast.
  • Isle of Skye is another great destination for wildlife watchers.
  • Ullapool, I was so surprised to see how close the seals get to the beach here. They seem to be so used with the people and you don’t have to wait long until you notice their heads popping-out the water like skittles.

I admire Scotland for its history and for the castles that seem untouched by time, for the whispers of its legends and myths.


And there are many more reasons to add Scotland on your list of places to visit this year.

I suggest you to try the Highlands in the summer time because weather it’s not as scary and camping gives you the opportunity to truly explore this land (cheaper than any other form of accommodation and less sophisticate). You find plenty camp sites on www.pitchup.com (this is what we have used)

Cornwall, my tropical peninsula

Cornwall England

Next on my list is Cornwall. Again, I don’t think I can stop writing about this south-west region of England as it’s inexhaustible.

What I can do instead is to mention a few places for you who moved me deeply

Kynance Cove famous for its white sand, turquoise sea and the gorgeous cliffs surrounding the cove. Kynance has been on the tourist map since the early Victorian era, when it became fashionable to go on excursions, to paint and to botanise. It’s on my list because of  the serpentine walk along the South West Coast Path, which links Kynance with Lizard to the south, and Mullion to the north, and this stretch offers walkers best wild scenery.



I don’t know how Paradise look like but if it’s at least like Porthcurno, I’m happy with that.

Apart from the natural beauty (white sparkly sand and turquoise water), it’s something more that attracts me to this place. Porthcurno was the centre of world telecommunication and it’s occupying an important place in the history. It incorporates tunnels use to house top secret equipment during the Second World War. If you are curious to find out more and the waves are not calling you, then visit Porthcurno Telegraph Museum.

On the cliffs to the west of Porthcurno is the world famous Minack Theathre, built in the 1930’s by theatrical visionary Rowena Cade (who lived in the house just behind the theatre) and her faithful gardener, which you can visit all year round (summer being the best season).

Why is so famous?…first of all the location is an incredible one. Perched high on cliffs above the turquoise sea. Next, the view you get to see from here it might distract you from the actually play. Then, the hard work behind the scenes and the ambition of this lady to leave something behind.

The epic Snowdonia,Wales

Of course it’s not my intention to diminish any other splendid places from Wales, as they are plenty. But Snowdonia ( a region in northwest Wales concentrated around the mountains and glacial land forms of massive Snowdonia National Park) it seems to me to impress at every corner. You might want to climb the highest mountain in Wales and England. Or you would like to experience the world’s fastest zip wire. All of this it’s up to you…and other over 100 attractions. For me it’s pure mountain, fresh air and amazing beauty. If you decide to give it a go, try to get organize it as you need adequate equipment.

Why not?…

With the risque of repeating myself I suggest visiting this places in the summer.

First of all because the weather allows you to explore the surroundings and gives you more attractions to chose from.

Second, we all know how expensive is the basic accommodation in UK, maybe one of the most expensive from Europe (in my opinion and from my travel experiences). Therefore, summer offer the possibility of being as comfy in your own tent. I never use to be a camping person because I wasn’t prepared and always ending up being wet and freezing. But since I start doing my homework related to what’s the best and essential gear for a family when camping, things took a completely turnover.

Now I can simply declare I love camping…nothing compares with the return to a simply nomadic life, your bed, a cuppa and a clear starry sky in front of a fire.




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