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Why camping?

Let’s make it right!. This post is not for backpackers or for people who have been born in camping.

If you’re still here, this is certainly for you.

As many of you already know we’re a family of three. We’re sharing the same strugles as any other family and that is time and money. My son is 7 years old now and we usually go 2-3 times a year camping or glamping.

You probably noticed by now we do put a lot of accent on camping in our traveling. But this is what makes it possible for us to afford seeing so many places. Also for many other reasons.

Even if you already decided camping or glamping is not for you and will never be, try to hang around with me for the next couple of minutes. It might worth it for you.



We haven’t been born as experienced parents, haven’t had any survival training nor high skills of sleeping outdoor. Everything we know, we have learned it and we want to share it with you. Our goal is to give you wings, in order to enjoy simple life and beautiful places.


( our little home in Scotland)


( Christian at the beach, doing what he knows best: playing with stones )

Why?… just a little story

I remember ( with a big grin on my face) first time we went camping with our son.

He was 3 years old at that time. The sun was burning and it was unusual hot weather for England. ( I suppose that was the sparkle we need it). We couldn’t find any available rooms and being on the road far from home, we quickly decide to get a tent.

Things being said, that’s exactly what we’ve done. We went at the shops nearby and spent a bit over £200 just to get the minimum conditions for camping. It was far from looking luxurious. Thus the happiness we lived there for the first time in nature with our kiddo was one of our best achievement ever. We only had a cheap but good tent, 3 sleeping bags and a kettle…pretty basic ha?!

The first day we came, the actually camp site was empty. It was us and another tent. The heat wave came unexpectedly. I guess not many people have thought of this possibility. I remember Christian, our boy running naked in the field. He was part of the picture…sunny, bright day, green grass, sheep on the hill and a small inflatable pool which was the masterpiece of the event ( And the reason he was naked. Also the reason of our back pains for carrying buckets of water to fill it up)
It is very funny and just now I realize the way us as adults, see things completely upside-down.

zipline camping

From chatting with other people, I concluded that we often refuze this option of acomodation for a reason. Guess what is no 1?! We are worried and we fear for whoelse than our children. That they might feel sick or unwell, bored or out of their routine and comfort zone.
But it proofs that they are the most adaptable human beings in the world. And more than that children seems to enjoy more outside. Hard to believe they’re going to enjoy more playing with water, sticks, fire, mud, climbing on a tree, building a den, spotting wildlife than living in a cozy posh hotel room. Yeah, right? Who would believe that?


(Christian’s cousin enjoying his first day ever in a camping …)

As it concern us, it’s enough to forget the tea towel at home and our life is ruined forever. Or our favorite slippers, our PJ or any other silly objects that we perceive it as part of our identity.
I truly, deeply recommend you to leave any fears behind and get at least once a year the whole gang out. They won’t die, I promise to you that. But you instead…I believe you will see life completely different.


( Christian making friends and exploring the stream we camp next to it)



(try to do this in the hotel’s posh fountain…let the dog into too…)

Which describes you best?…camping or glamping?

I have to tell you that we are more the wild camping type. But we have been glamping a couple of times and the staying it’s absolutely luxurious. You get a proper bed, heating, sometimes rugs, cupboards and wardrobe…like for example a gypsy wagon. They call it glamping, I call it a mini flat…as sometimes you have everything. Why to choose this version? Because probably you haven’t been before in a tent and you wouldn’t like to try just yet. But the thought of waking up somewhere in a forest, where deer are licking your windows and birds are giving you that free ticket to their concert sounds glorious? Than yes…follow my posts as I’ll try my best to give you the whole “know how”.


(our favorite way of cooking …smoky …)

The set-up!



A very beautiful camping in UK that I dare to recommend it, especially to start with is one in Devon Ashbourne Woods

This camping has it all. From a wild and wide forest where the kids can run, play hide and seek, lovely and friendly owners, close to the beach, they allow campfire to the coziest little houses they use for glamping.

Initially I wanted to create a list with our camping equipment but I have decided I can get to make a video for you so you can have a proper peek. Exactly this is what I would like you to take it as…a peek, a inspiration and not a must. You can start with basic, probably cheap gear and then slowly try to invest in better one over the years. That’s one of the reasons I’ve choose winter to write about this. That is cause it’s a brilliant opportunity to buy these stuff from sale. I can tell you there are loads of shops having all camping section on sale with massive discounts. And this you don’t get it in the summer.

If you need another tip, I suggest you to use some of your old kitchenware as cooking equipment. Things like metal garden mugs, picnic plates and utensils, old frying pans ( preferably iron ones without plastic handles), your grandma kettle (vintage ones are the best). This way you saved a lot of money from the cooking bit. All you have to buy are some matches and yes…almost forgot, send your kids to pick kindling wood from the ground, as most sites allow this.



(as you can see I’m always multitasking: singing, cooking, praying…and the list goes on)

If you prefer more like a holiday park, I suggest you to do your homework before. And one of the things to start with is to go on a camping show.

It’s generally cheap, it’s fun, it can be a day out for the family as they are humongous and it does open your mind. Here basically you meet the right person face to face. Either the owners of different camp sites, either the ones that are  managing different holiday parks. You can get discounts, book in advance, find out what facilities they got, what’s their children approach (playgrounds, fun splashing  and different activities to keep your little ones entertained). Most important, here you meet the representatives of camp sites from abroad (like from Spain or France) that normally would be harder to have an open chat with.

There is one coming soon in Birmingham UK in February. Therefore, click the link and book your tickets. We’ll be there.

Caravan and Camping Show here

If you don’t manage to go to one near you, don’t worry! We will make a summary for you, get the best tips and the best places for a family.

Please share with us your camping experiences. Also feel free to ask any questions. There’s no such things as silly questions. So, if we catch your interest and you want to find out more, we’re here. Just a few buttons away. Leave your comments down bellow and see you soon.



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