Enjoy more trips with less money

Money money money…

Everywhere you go, whatever you do, it’s all about the money. But today I want to challenge you and to make you see it is possible. Yes, it’s possible to enjoy more trips this year without breaking the bank. You don’t have to start making more money, instead just start to travel more and discover more with fewer expenses. It can be done!
We all spend money on something. Whether it is on clothes, gadgets or different treats. The point is, we do have some money. Now, it only matters how we use it to our advantage.

1. Memberships? Yes, please.

In the past few years, we have visited so many castles, historic houses and just some unbelievable places, just by having a membership.
We cannot recommend the National Trust and English Heritage enough. The monthly payment is between £8.75-£10.50 for the whole family. Considering that an average entrance fee is around £25-£30 for a family, you do the maths.

2. Get a picnic basket and go crazy!

I was told…”OK, OK, you get free entrance but you are a long way far from home. You must make a stop at a restaurant or a pub for food.”. No, not necessarily. If we’re on a tight budget, we won’t. Almost everywhere we have been so far, we have found a picnic area, outdoor or indoor.
You should consider getting a picnic basket. Very important, I suggest you buy some vacuum bottles and jars, good quality ones. We got Stanley and they save our meals on every trip. This Stanley bottle gave us 32 hours of hot water. That guarantees you tea and coffee throughout the day when you don’t have a kettle nearby. Also, you might want to pack some soup sachets or noodle pots. Having some powdered milk for young children, milkshake powder or any other instant stuff that you like to give them will help.

3. Make sure you pack enough clothes for the kids

Even if it’s a one day trip, bear this in mind. We’ve ended up having to buy all kinds of clothing because our little one got dirty or wet. Or even worse, one time we have left our waterproof coats, wellies and such at home. Double check you have everything you need before you leave. Make a list and revise it! That is the best way not to spend what you might have saved for tickets and other kinds of entertainment.

4. Have a last minute holiday

You get the chance to visit exotic places by looking out for last minute deals on sites like  . Every single travel agent has a list with late deals. So why not take your family somewhere nice and warm for less than £500, all inclusive?!

Also, many travel agents offer you the possibility to pay monthly when you book in advance. As a result, you don’t have to purchase your tickets outright, making it easier to buy.

We’ve done this a few times and for whoever is interested I can suggest you some agents that do work this way. It’s a real possibility for families that don’t have a hard time saving. If you think about it as just another bill that you have to pay, it can work.

And before you know it, the day to go on your holiday comes and you’ll get your reward instantly as you look at your excited, happy little family, ready for another adventure.

5. Use Skyscanner for cheap city breaks.

They search and compare prices on flights, hotels and car hire around the world. You might get a deal for an exciting weekend in Germany, Brussels or France and so many other beautiful cities. Flying with less than £50 per person gives you the possibility to go on such trips more often.

Of course, there is more to life than travelling but what better way to see the world and meet new people? Just open your eyes and discover the wonders God left on Earth for us. He want us to be happy and to enjoy His creation.

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    12th April 2019 at 9:48 pm

    Hi Andrea thank you very much for your post I do follow them with great interest , one question I have how can me and my fiancée travel around the country taking in consideration that we don’t own a car can you give us some tips in places where is easy to get by public transport trains ? or ? thank you you do a great job

    • Reply
      13th April 2019 at 10:15 am

      Hi Catalin! We got so many nice memories from travelling without a car. I find it very pleasant to travel by train in England. I can make you a list of places to go but because you live quite local and Valentine’s day is coming, my suggestion is to have a day in Stratford upon Avon. You can get by train here from almost any station. The train leaves you in the heart of Stratford. A famous town because it’s Shakespeare birthplace. And what more can you wish then a romantic walk in the writer’s town of the tragedy Romeo and Juliet. You can find out more about the two young lovers whose death ultimately reconcile their families by going to the Royal Shakespeare Theatre. Or if you don’t want to spend money on tickets have a go in the Theatre’s tower. The views are amazing from up there. After that maybe you want to have a lovely afternoon tea right there as they organise such things.
      The Nutcracker Christmas Shop open all year round it is a must. As soon as you step into a charming cinamon smell get you into a fairy tale.
      The Butterflies Farm, aww…amazing how beautiful colored butterflies come and sit on you.
      It’s so much to do there and you don’t need a car as mostly of them are on the same street, a few minutes walk between the objectives.
      If it’s a warmer day you can even get a ride on the boat on Stratford upon Avon’s Channel

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