All on board!!!…a family experience


Are you getting ready to go on board soon? Get prepared for an amazing family experience!

As you might have guessed so far, I’m not a review writter nor try to promote companies or businesses.

But after yesterday’s experience I’ve decide I must rethink my way. Reason being is that you guys to not just get inspired from my articles but actually make the good choices. Because oh boy, I know how painful it is and how stupid you feel after a bad experience

Low cost

Let’s see what Wikipedia define as being “low cost”…”A low-cost carrier or low-cost airline (also known as no-frills, discount or budget carrier or airline, or LCC) is an airline without most of the traditional services provided in the fare, resulting in lower fares and fewer comforts.”

I thought exactly the same thing, no fuss, no such thing as big expectation and probably poor customer service.

Let me tell you that yesterday I was surprised over the moon by the Jet2



I was wondering until today what was that? Have I lived to long in England? Sorry folks but customer service is not your speciality.

A family oriented and welcoming children…”please take me on board”

Oh yeah, that’s the impression they have left me with. First of all the planes seem to have more space for the legs. For the first time flying on a low cost plane I could feel my legs after landing.

But let’s start with the beginning. As soon as the gate number have been announced we went there expecting to be long and boring. But we have come to some extremely friendly and smiling faces. Everything happened so quick that we start wondering if we haven’t thick priority boarding on the ticket. I have checked, we haven’t! Than my son insisted to get loads of pictures for one of his friends, who’s passionate about planes. I was actually scared of this, thinking of how many sour faces ( as we romanians call them) I’ll have to deal with. Guess what? I haven’t seen any sour faces or deep looks, the ones you feel them through your bones.

Did you said “cockpit”?

I was so impressed to see that they have gave my son the permission to visit the cockpit and have a chat with the captain. Any child’s dream, right? C’mon now! How would you feel to be a 7 – 8 years old boy and to have many dreams, one of them being that you and your friend would pilote a huge drone one day and than someone to bring you closer to that?

Thank you Jet2, thank you captain Dan for being so kind and patient.


And that’s not all…every single member of staff have been friendly, helpful and welcoming. It might be from their bright red uniform? I don’t know. All I know is that we had the greatest start for our holiday and I’m completely grateful. I would definitely go with them again.

What about before that?

Before to get in the plane, we find ourselves on the Birmingham airport, looking for a place to have breakfast. The choice is overwhelming, believe me! But as soon as we have passed the security checks, we find a friendly place to be Pret a Manger Very chatty and friendly staff, good and fresh food and a feeling of ” we do understand you have a long way to go”. Yes, this is how I would describe best. If you pass by, ask for the charming Victor…lovely character. Massive thank you to him.


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