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January 2017

England Trips

Cornwall, England – discover a place made for your soul

This article is dedicated to some of my friends who believe that England is not beautiful and you don’t really have things to do. I can prove the opposite. This time, my family and I get to fall in love with this part of England, called Cornwall.

Porthcurno, the pearl of Cornwall

In these cold winter days, I dream about the feeling of an unborn baby staying in the Mother Nature’s womb, that`s what you get at Porthcurno Beach. From the moment you walk on the soft silvery sand to the transparency of the sea where you can actually see through; followed by the beauty of the cliffs surrounding the beach. Porthcurno has all the ingredients it needs to be considered a ” small paradise “.

You would probably think that’s not too much, though being in many places in the last couple of years I can say this area is really worth it. But hey…I got good news, that is not even 1% of what you can do, see and discover in this amazing region.

       Eden Project – rainforest in captivity

Children will love the Eden Project, such a great source of fun. Did I mention it`s educational too?

The Rainforest Biome was a sight to see. There is so much to say about it and I won’t do it all here as you can get more info on their website. What I want to tell you is the impact this trip has had on us. We really left with so much more knowledge on what tropical weather means (heat, humidity etc.). Also, it felt like a trip around the world. The Biome has trees and plants from South Africa, South-East Asia, Tropical Islands and even South America. So, if you ever wondered what a rubber tree looks like or how big is a bunch of bananas, or maybe what vanilla looks like, it’s time for you to pack.

If your children haven’t been in any Mediterranean countries before, now they get the chance to see, smell and feel what an Italian garden looks like, for example. As you step in the Mediterranean biome, you are already transferred to another country.  A beautiful tea garden, surrounded by lemon trees, olive trees and other citrus trees. The herbs garden reminds me of the true Italian taste and reminds me of the time when we lived there.

More info at

By the way, I almost forgot, for stressed fathers( but not limited to) you get one of the longest zip lines in England. This is not included in the Eden Project ticket.

St. Michael’s Mount – Cornwall, a treasure for every age

You also need another day for St. Michael’s Mount. So, plan your trip carefully. It is definitely something you don’t want to miss. Visiting the Mount will meet so many of anyone’s high expectations. That is because you get so much on one island. Coming by foot or by boat to see St. Michael’s Mount it will nothing but enrich your experience there.

This place has everything…Legend, history, a wonderful castle that cannot hide the traces of its past. It is a living community here on the island. They probably still run guided tours of the village. Before planning your trip, I recommend checking their website, which I found it very well structured and helpful.

Check it out at: .


As I said, people still live here, 30 or so islanders have a home on the Mount. It is a village and a harbour at the same time. The views are amazing from the top of the Mount. We have seen the castle in the summer when the garden has so much to show, it`s basically bursting with colour. I’m sure that springtime is a good season to enjoy just as much.

For any family with children and on a budget, think about organising it in the summer. You can find really good campsites with all the facilities. you might need. You might not be the camping type of person but seeing the children’s joy out here, surrounded by gorgeous nature, you might want to try.

Finally, if you get here, please have a stop at Land’s End, splendid coastline and gorgeous natural landscapes. You’ll thank me later!

Until next time!

Trips Wales

Winter at Powys Castle – gear up – Wales

It’s January and I find it hard to believe that there is much to do outdoors. Suddenly, I remember that I know a place where there’s always something new to see…Powys Castle. My family and I were impressed from the very first visit, more than three years ago. Since then, we’ve been a couple of times and the place has kept its charm over the years.

             The fairy tale of Powys Castle

The medieval Powys Castle, originally built around 1200, used to be a fortress of the Welsh Princes of Powys. The daring Powys Castle is situated on a rock above some beautiful, breathtaking garden terraces.

Powys Castle

           Powys Castle has a story to tell indeed. You’ll discover many famous paintings and other fine art pieces to see, many of them brought from India. Though I’m sure you will enjoy visiting Powys Castle, if you have small children it will be quite challenging. In that case, you’d rather stick with the garden, you can make a day out of it alone. Reason being, Powis Castle can only be visited by guided tour only. So, that takes a while. Besides, some of the places to visit inside are quite dark and narrow, like the cellar, which can be a bit uncomfortable for kids.

Today I would like to show you more about the marvellous views across the valley and the deer park that surrounds the castle. Our son loves to be surrounded by nature.  Therefore, today he was amused by spotting different animals living on these hills. It was so amazing, watching the animals live in harmony with each other.

          Take the children outdoor and write your own bedtime story

My husband showed my son how Mr Rabbit was coming back from work, very excited to see if his wife put the kettle on or not. While Mr Peacock was getting ready for a date with Miss Pheasant, stags watching from the top, making sure their community is safe and sound.

I sure hope you’ll love this place as much as we did. On a side note, we were surprised today by the lovely snowdrops making an appearance. Even though spring is just around the corner.

See you soon!