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When is the best time to visit Cornwall?

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Cornwall again…I keep coming back to this place for countless reasons. We are at the end of April, when the weather is everything but summer. Still, a friend asked me: “Hey Andrea, when is the best time to visit Cornwall?”. I smile and so would you if you have lived long enough in England. This guy has only been to London a few times and he seems delighted by my Devon and Cornwall pictures. He obviously never experienced four seasons in one day before. You got to laugh as only now I understand why English people spend so much time talking about the weather. British weather is distinct and I’m tempted to say “unique”. And it’s not just me saying that. Being an island, positioned between the Atlantic Ocean and a large mass, continental Europe, says it all.

Back to our story ...Cornwall

I’d like to start by describing how our first day in the Cornish Land went. But not before mentioning that Cornwall is something you can explore for years and still be able to discover something new. If you ever imagined hundreds of sandy beaches, wild moorland, extremely beautiful coast paths and picturesque harbour villages, it’s not just a dream, it’s Cornwall.

Fowey…view from the ferry

Today after breakfast we decide to visit Fowey, a 20-minute drive from where we’re staying. Fowey is a small but busy port town. Its harbour is flanked by fourteenth-century blockhouses, one in Fowey and one on the opposite side of the river in Polruan. We park at the top of the hill before entering the town centre as access is limited. I know many of you absolutely hate walking but believe me, the proper way to discover this area of outstanding natural beauty is by foot. Besides, it’s cloudy and I love the unique combination of sea and clouds.

alt= Fowey view
on our way to the fort…

As soon as we leave the car park behind, I am fascinated by the charm of this little town. Its narrow and steep streets, pretty cottages, busy port buzzing with yachts and boats, well-maintained gardens, tea rooms, bistros and waterfront cafes serving their best local produce.

Best things to try: crab sandwiches, Fowey River mussels and the freshest catch of the day fish and chips.

Fowey Aquarium – Cornwall

simple as it is, no fancy advertising…

We have children in tow( as per usual, haha), not just our son but one of his friends too. That’s why we decide to pop into Fowey Aquarium, on the Town Quay. On the outside, it reminds me of my childhood, quite old fashioned and no trace of modern advertising. Keeping it old school!

petting a crab is an absolute delight…

A small aquarium, more suitable for younger children but it has something particular, something that gets even the silly adults involved. And that is why this little aquarium is worth a visit. Did I mention they have a petting pool? I never held a starfish before. There’s always a first, I guess.

star fish

The children loved it and so did we. As a bonus, it’s quite affordable if you consider the prices of other aquariums. I believe we have paid 10 pounds for the family. Barg alert!

St. Catherine’s Castle

practicing my climbing skills

Immediately after that, because it’s still the middle of the day when the energy level is at its highest, we are heading to a fort built by Henry VIII in the 1530s to defend Fowey Harbour. It’s called St Catherine’s Castle. It takes its name from the rocky headland on which it stands. To me, its position is the cherry on top. This artillery fort stays high above the entrance to the Fowey estuary. You get a spectacular view across the town and harbour. However, for history lovers there is quite a good read in Morley B, Henry VIII and the Development of Coastal Defence (HMSO, London, 1976).

The main highlight is that after it was kept in repair around the Tudor period it was later used in the Crimean War. During World War II, the fort was modified again to form part of a more extensive battery.

To me, it looks amazingly well preserved. Looking at it, you can tell where the gun ports are and also where the spiral staircase used to be.

I love it because kids are fascinated about the Medieval period, for the gorgeous views across the town and even for the workout to get there (20 min walk from the Town Quay through steep narrow streets). Not to mention it’s free entry.

A short break in Cornwall

Here we are, going back to the harbour, to recharge our batteries in a little cosy café, chatting with other friendly tourists and tasting the local specialties.

The LifeBuoy Cafe

After stuffing our mouths with crab sandwiches, we go back on the Quay. Here we take one of their local ferries. There’s one every 10 – 15 minutes. It is a short ride (less than 10 minutes), it is used as part of the local transport and it only costs 2 pounds. Therefore, if you have toddlers that can’t be too long on a boat, this is the perfect experience.

our ferry ride

The reason behind taking the ferry is that we want to see what it’s like across the harbour from Fowey. Adventure awaits!


captured by beauty

We soon find out that this village, called Polruan, is an ancient shipbuilding community. It has such an interesting history but I fall in love with their narrow streets and the beautiful silence.


And you can visit Polruan Blockhouse, a roofless ruin that has been stabilised and the best part, it’s free entry. You can see the remains of the stairs and where the gunports used to be. Great place to hang around for another hour or so.

This is just a small fragment from our trip to Cornwall. In order to clarify with my friend about when is the best time to visit Cornwall… I can loudly say it’s anytime you have time. In other words, it’s when you aren’t rushing when, you’re able to stop and notice the little details. When you can afford to make your way through the coastal paths to find a hidden beach.

That is the best time to visit Cornwall.

See you in my next adventure!


The food of Zante


Zante is the third biggest of the islands in the Ionian Sea. It’s been called the island of love and poetry…but what about Zante’s food?

Keep reading!


Me being greedy…

When it comes to Greece, especially Zante, please don’t make the mistake to opt in for an all-inclusive resort. Because nothing brings you closer to knowing their traditions better than the quirky tavernas and the amazing street food stalls.


No matter what kind of dietary requirements you have, there is something to suit you and your needs.

On the majority of the Greek islands, the house speciality is seafood, fresh grilled fish (swordfish is amazing), fried calamari and the most authentic one is the whole grilled octopus, which I loved from the very first bite.


Fried calamari as a starter or on its own…

Do you fancy salads?

Because of the Mediterranean weather, salads are a beautiful option in this area. Most of the vegetables are grown by the locals in their own gardens. You will know straight away because they taste quite different, I  think much better. They have all kinds of gorgeous salads like the classic Greek Salad (horiatiki) that consists of tomato slices, cucumbers, green peppers, onions, black olives and feta cheese. All of that sprinkled with their splendid island made olive oil and oregano. It’s impossible not to like! I personally prefer a richer salad with ham and their local yellow cheese.


One of my favourite salad

Gyros and Souvlaki,  family’s favourite.

Gyros is a fantastic Greek dish made of meat.
It is a sort of rolled pitta bread stuffed with meat, traditionally pork, chicken, or lamb, cooked on a vertical rotisserie, tomatoes, onions, fried potatoes and the typical tzatziki. It also can be served on a plate, not rolled. But I prefer the one you get on the street… One of these gyros usually costs only 2 euros. That’s a bargain if I’ve ever seen one.


A mix grill plate (souvlaki, chicken gyros, Greek sausage), pitta bread, salad and tzatziki.

Souvlaki is pretty much the same as gyros only that the meat is grilled on a skewer. You can eat it the way it is or in grilled pitta bread. I’ve noticed they have a vegetarian option too. Yummy!


My son waiting for his gyros.

Zante, a Heaven for vegetarians

If you are vegetarian, then Zante is the right place for you. Unlike other holiday destinations, you won’t starve here but in fact, you won’t be able to decide what to grab first.

The variety is massive, their speciality when it comes to veggie are these wonderful meatballs( no actual meat in them) made of courgette or aubergines. Suitable for vegans too. Also, the vegetarian mousaka is a must, you have to try it!

Almost all of the starters are suitable for vegetarians. Like the fresh bread and tzatziki, aubergine salad and buns, olives and fresh bread, hummus and many different kinds of salsa dip too.

Because they do love growing their vegetables here, a lot of the main dishes are pure vegetarian. Like stuffed peppers, stuffed tomatoes or aubergines. Also, let’s not forget about the stuffed wine leaves. The stuffing is made of rice, spices and fresh herbs.

This is the kind of trip that might make you want to turn vegetarian or even vegan, in that case, you have to be willing to explore their local cuisine and traditional dishes.

Zante, the land of pastries and cakes

I suggest you try some of their pastries as they are just as good as Greggs, if not better. It’s mostly puff pastry filled with different kinds of local cheese, spinach, ham or meat.

Also, their sweet pastries are delicious. I like the ones filled with sweet vanilla cream and powdered with icing sugar on top. They’re just mouthwatering! You find them early in the morning in almost any shop as the local bakery delivers them everywhere on the island. They are huge and they cost less than 2 euros.

And let’s not forget about the sweet baklavas. Either with walnuts or pistachios, they are a good way to finish your meal. As a particularity that makes them different from the Turkish ones is having cinnamon in their composition.


Kataif is another greek dessert, made in the shape of a birds’ nest from a shredded crispy dough. I’m not entirely sure about the recipe but I can taste a lemon syrup, loads of honey and walnuts.

In almost every taverna, they offer you a local digestive drink, it’s like a sorbet made of limoncello ( an alcoholic drink made of freshly squeezed lemons).


Kitsch style…

I have to mention that while most of the places in the food industry here kept their traditions and originality, others( not too many but still painful to watch) turned out to be a complete kitsch or fiasco( call it how you like). I believe that the economic crisis they went through has pushed them to desperate solutions.

What can be worse than a greek kitchen serving and advertising English fast food?! (baked beans, sausages and nuggets..basically things you’re trying to get away from on holiday). I know many of you would say they are doing that just to welcome the English tourists. But with such a fabulous cuisine that they have, the fresh ingredients they use, how can you go for all that frozen or canned food? A big no from me…it doesn’t convey what Zante really is about.

Zante, a river of wellness…


Another blessing of this island is its olive trees, as they produce a lot of olive honey.

I am amazed by Zante’s treasure. A 24/7 all-natural spa, no wonder the locals are so beautiful. Inside and out.

Everywhere you look, lemon and orange trees are smiling in the sun. Loaded pomegranate trees and golden, juicy figs are waiting to be plucked. And last but not least, the vineyards that produce one of the sweetest wine I’ve ever tried.

I hope you enjoyed hearing about this Greek haven. Until next time!

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Camping, outdoor adventures and a lot of fun

sea camping

Why camping?

Let’s get this straight! This post is not for veteran backpackers or for people who have been born into camping.

If you’re still here, this is certainly for you.

As many of you already know we’re a family of three. We’re sharing the same struggles as any other family that is trying to strike the right balance between time and money. Our son is 7 years old now and we usually go camping or glamping 2-3 times a year.

You probably noticed by now, we love camping. But that is what makes it possible for us to afford to see so many places. Also for many other reasons.

Even if you have already decided that camping or glamping is not for you, try to hang around for the next couple of minutes. It will be worth it.


We weren’t born experienced parents and we never had any survival training. Everything we know, we have learned it ourselves and we want to share it with you. Our goal is to give you wings, in order to enjoy the so-called “simple” things in life.


( our little home in Scotland)


( Christian at the beach, doing what he knows best: playing with stones )

Why?… just a little story

I remember ( with a big grin on my face) the first time we went camping with our son.

He was 3 years old at the time. The sun was burning and it was unusually hot weather for England. We couldn’t find any available rooms and being on the road far from home, we quickly decided to get a tent.

That being said, that’s exactly what we’ve done. We went around the shops nearby and spent a bit over £200 just to get the minimum necessities for camping. It was far from luxurious. But we were so happy, being for the first time in the middle of nature with our kiddo. That’s easily one of the best experiences we ever had. We only had a cheap but good enough tent, 3 sleeping bags and a kettle…pretty basic ha?!

The first day we got there, the campsite seemed abandoned. It was just us and another tent. The heat wave came unexpectedly. I guess not many people have thought of this possibility. I remember Christian, our boy, running naked in the field. He was part of the picture…sunny day, green grass, sheep on the hill and a small inflatable pool ( that explains why he was naked). Also, the reason for our back pains for carrying so many buckets of water to fill it up.
It is very funny and just now I realize the way we as adults, see things completely differently.

zipline camping

Let it go!

From chatting with other people, I concluded that we often refuse this option of accommodation for one big reason. Guess what it is?! We are worried and we fear for our children. Worried that they might fall sick or get bored or be outside their comfort zone( Have a look at how many free or cheap activities you can do in Cornwall).
There is undeniable proof that we as humans are incredibly adaptable. Kids, even more so. In addition to that, children seem to enjoy more being outside once they break out of their shell( if they have one). It’s hard to believe they’re going to enjoy playing with water, sticks, mud, climbing on a tree, building a den or spotting wildlife more than living in a cosy hotel room. Yeah, right? Who would believe that?


(Christian’s cousin enjoying his first day ever camping …)

I can’t recommend it enough, leave any fears behind and get the whole gang out at least once a year. They’ll be ok, I promise you that. I believe it will make you see life completely differently.


( Christian making friends and exploring a stream nearby the campsite)


(Try doing this in a hotel’s posh fountain…let the dog go in too…)

Camping or glamping?

I have to tell you that we are the wild camping type. But we have been glamping a couple of times and our stay was absolutely luxurious. You get a proper bed, heating, rugs, cupboards and wardrobe…like for example a gipsy wagon. They call it glamping, I call it a mini flat…as sometimes you have everything. Why choose it over regular camping? Probably because you haven’t been in a tent before and you wouldn’t like to try it just yet.

If the thought of waking up somewhere in a forest, where deer are licking your windows and birds are giving you a free ticket to their concert sounds endearing, then follow my posts as I’ll try my best to give you the whole “know-how”.


(Our favourite way to cook …Smoky!)

The set-up!


A very beautiful campsite in the UK that I would like to recommend,  is this one in Devon Ashbourne Woods

This campsite has it all. From a wild and wide forest where the kids can run, play hide and seek, lovely and friendly owners( they allow campfire), close to the beach to the cosiest little houses they use for glamping.

Initially, I wanted to make a list with our camping equipment but I’ve decided to make a video for you so you can have a proper peek. That’s exactly what you should take it as, a peek, inspiration and not a must. You can start with the basics, probably cheap gear and then slowly try to invest in a better one over the years. That’s one of the reasons why I chose winter to write about this. That is cause it’s a brilliant opportunity to buy these stuff on sale. I can tell you there are loads of shops having all their camping section on sale with massive discounts. And this is why you don’t get it in the summer.

Tips & tricks

Another tip, I suggest you use some of your old kitchenware as cooking equipment. Things like metal garden mugs, picnic plates and utensils, old frying pans ( preferably iron ones without plastic handles), your nana’s kettle (vintage ones are the best). This way you can save a lot of money. All you have to buy are some matches and yes…almost forgot, send your little ones to find kindling wood, as most sites allow this.


As you can see I’m always multitasking: singing, cooking, praying…and the list goes on!

If you prefer something more like a holiday park, I suggest you do your homework before. And one of the things to start with is to go on a camping show.

It’s generally cheap, it’s fun and it can be a day out for the family as they are humongous and it does open up your mind. It’s basically the place where you meet with the right person face to face. Either the owners of different campsites or people that manage different holiday parks. You can get discounts, book in advance, find out what facilities they have, how well equipped are they for kids( playgrounds and different activities to keep your little ones entertained). Also, it’s the place to meet representatives of campsites from abroad ( Spain or France) whereas normally it would be a lot harder to have a chat with.

Join us!

There is one coming soon in Birmingham UK this February. So, click the link and book your tickets. We’ll be there!

Caravan and Camping Show here

If you don’t manage to go to one near you, don’t worry! We will make a summary for you, get the best tips and the best places for a family.

Please share with us your camping experiences. If you have any! Also, feel free to ask any questions. There are no silly questions. So, if we catch your interest and you want to find out more, we’re here. Just a few clicks away.

See you soon!