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Best places to visit in 2018 in the beautiful kingdom


Some of the best places I visited last year. Another year has gone away, quicker than I ever imagined. I don’t know about you but me personally don’t like looking back. I always say that the lessons I’ve learned from the past I got them with me, they’re part of me. Therefore, I don’t have to look back. Only this time I’ll must stop and share with you some amazing places I have seen in 2017. So, that you might…

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Cornwall England – discover a place for your soul

This article is dedicated to some of my friends who believe that England is not beautiful and you don’t really have things to do. I can proof the opposite. Me and my family fall in love with this part of England, called Cornwall . Portchurno, the pearl of Cornwall In this cold winter days I dream about the feeling of an unborn baby staying in the Mother Nature’s womb, that you get at Porthcurno Beach. From the moment you walk…

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