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Too much travelling?! Have a stop in the kitchen – duck breast fillets

duck breast

Travelling doesn’t enrich just children’s experiences but also opens your mind to understand different cultures. Many of the people I know see travelling as something supposed to make you relax and give you comfort and rest. Of course, there are such trips but what I aim to have with my family is that kind of travelling that’s making us tired and full of energy in the same time. And I say tired because is so much to learn from simple…

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Enjoy more trips with less money

“Money money money”… Everywhere you go, whatever you do, it’s all about the money. But today I want to challenge you and to make you see it is possible. Yes, it’s possible to enjoy more trips this 2017 with one condition. No, the condition is not to start making more money but to really wish for travelling more, visiting more, discovering more. We all spend money on something. Whether is on clothes, gadgets or different treats. So, the point is…

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England Trips

A cold, magic view from the heart of Devon

My will is not to create a technical post with “do’s and don’ts ” but to catch your interest about how a trip in different areas along your family would look like. Let’s go in Devon! Devon is astonishing. There is so much to tell about it but I will try to make a summary, though it’s very hard. Because is still very cold outside I decided is not fair to get you to see the bright sunny days of…

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England Trips

Cornwall England – discover a place for your soul

This article is dedicated to some of my friends who believe that England is not beautiful and you don’t really have things to do. I can proof the opposite. Me and my family fall in love with this part of England, called Cornwall . Portchurno, the pearl of Cornwall In this cold winter days I dream about the feeling of an unborn baby staying in the Mother Nature’s womb, that you get at Porthcurno Beach. From the moment you walk…

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Trips Wales

Winter at Powys Castle – wrap up warm – Wales

It’s January and I find it hard to believe that there is much to do outdoor. Suddenly, I remember that I know a place where there’s always something new to see…Powys Castle. Me and my family were impressed from the very first visit, more than three years ago. Since then we’ve been a couple of times and the place has kept the charm over the years.              The fairy tale of Powys Castle The medieval Powys…

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