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Do you need to escape too? Blakeney National Reserve


Have you ever felt like you don’t belong to this world? That time goes to fast?! That people are not who you thought they were? Have you ever woke up and had the feeling you want to run away, far from worries, troubles or anguish?!
The only place I believe it’s free from such things is eternity, God is promising us a place like this. But what we do by then? Where do we escape?!…for a few moments or hours?!

Norfolk does have it all

You probably have been in this place about I’m going to tell you about.
Norfolk county, the east side of England is abundant in unspoiled nature, yelling at every corner to be admired, asking for your attention. Sandy beaches, woodland, houses and gardens, you just need to decide.
As soon as you are getting closer of Fakenham, allow yourself to go in “relaxing mode”. Yes, you hear me well, leave the hustle of the modern life behind and enjoy this woodland area. This place is the home of beautiful wildlife. We spot many deer everywhere, two baby deer eating along a stream. No matter where you look, there’s something catching the corner of your eye. Many species of trees mix all together makes the view even more unreal.
It’s not summer, so we haven’t stop exploring this area as we wished to.

It’s still that time of the year where the old, scruffy and jealous Mrs Winter argue with the shy Miss Spring, trying to convince her of covering her beauty.

Blakeney  National Nature Reserve

Therefore, we decided to go to Blakeney National Nature Reserve to watch the grey seals in their habitat.
We have stopped first at Morston Quay, from where we got the boat trip tickets and also there you find a very welcoming tourist point ready to advise you. They also serve coffee and other refreshments, helping you to set well in the environment.

From this pretty harbor you can start adventurous coastal walks with your family.  Admire the vastness of the landscape and fall in love with this beautiful face of our world. You definitely need some wellies, not necessarily for you but for the little ones. You don’t want to ruin their pleasure of jumping in puddles left behind by the low tide.beach
The Beans Boat Trips, the ones we navigate with are really organised and very kind to reveal the story of Blakeney, proofed to be a important port between 15th and 16th century. As we start our journey, we spot lots of different birds, this place being famous for having rare birds as it’s acting like a magnet for the migrants. That’s why it wouldn’t be bad having some binoculars. It is also a heaven for people in love with photographing. Blakeney Point Photos

Common and grey seals are living in this waters. Though they look quite clumsy on the sand, they are very good swimmers. Depending on low or high tide, they got to move so they can reach deep water whenever it’s needed.

Isn’t it wonderful how pure nature makes you contemplate at what life is?

Where are your escape places? what about your oases of tranquility? I hope you enjoy travelling virtually with me.


As a little surprise for the fans of Homeland series, I’ve posted a picture with Damian Lewis. If you know the movie, is actually Nicholas Brody who was in the boat with us today. I’m sorry, I was to shy to go asking for a better picture so I kind of stole that photo from him. Beside that, he looked like he was enjoying that quality time with his beautiful family. It was nice to see him. He left me with a good impression being so modest and normal. Well done Damian! Continue to be an example for other actors that go crazy after getting so famous.


As I am looking forward for the new adventure, my mind is full of silence. The silence of the wilderness.

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