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Too much travelling?! Have a stop in the kitchen – duck breast fillets

duck breast

Travelling doesn’t enrich just children’s experiences but also opens your mind to understand different cultures. Many of the people I know see travelling as something supposed to make you relax and give you comfort and rest.

Of course, there are such trips but what I aim to have with my family is that kind of travelling that’s making us tired and full of energy in the same time. And I say tired because is so much to learn from simple travelling. From history, geography, biology, psychology, how to dress, what to eat to even learning a new language and much more. I’ve read today about a Swedish study that demonstrate learning of a foreign language increases the size of your brain. And the list is long of benefits you get when travelling.

Let’s stop at the eating bit.

What’s on the menu today?

Because I know many of us struggle with this question ” what to cook today?” I promise to try posting more in this section.

Today I have used the magic wand and transformed a posh meal into a family one. It’s about cooking duck breast fillets. I know it’s often seen together with a sweet sauce like plum, cherry or orange sauce. It’s not bad at all but children usually don’t like this kind of combination. Do they?!
duck breast
So, what about duck breast with home made fries and cornmeal bread? Add some pickles too. Well, let’s start!

Prepare the meat

All you have to do it’s to make sure you score the fatty skin and put some nice spices on your meat. Would be great if you don’t pierce the actually meat as it will loose all the juices and flavors when cooking. Spices can be just salt and black pepper. I’ve used them both plus thyme and paprika. Weird mix, isn’t so? I can’t help it…to much traces from everywhere I’ve been plus a Romanian heart beating so hard that the Latin blood it’s coming out.

If the meat is frozen make sure you defrost it first. It really makes the difference. On many packages is written to preheat a pan first. If you want a tender meat put the meat in the cold frying pan. Reason being that the meat start releasing the fat slowly and gradually. Make sure you don’t add any other oil or fats. Cook the fillets until the skin is golden and crispy, this should happen in 7-9 breast

Meanwhile preheat your oven to 180°C and place the fillets inside for another 5-7 min depends on how you prefer it, medium or well done. You might want to keep the fat left in the pan for your next roast potatoes.

Making your own chips will beat any famous brand ones.

Fries, everyone knows to peel some potatoes. Cut them as you wish, any shape will do. We like the Maris Piper potatoes but the Red ones are really good too.


Mămăligă – yummy

Now, cornmeal bread or how in Romania it’s called  “mămăligă”. Or, even Italians love it and they call it ” polenta “. Let’s make it clear…the recipe for mămăligă is not for Romanians.


That is because any Romanian is having this kind of bread at least once per week since they were born if not daily in some cases. And there are no ready meals or ready made for this bread. You must make it yourself. So, make sure you got some corn flour in your house if not you can find it at the big stores that are having international foods section. Attention, it’s not the corn flour you use to thicken up soups and sauces but a proper corn meal flour. It should be the one with larger particles, don’t try with fine ground as it won’t work.

You decided you want to try it but the sides don’t sound that good for your family. Don’t panic! Just add your personal touch. Use your imagination as it works easily with rice, mash, any steamed vegetables, grilled mushrooms, red wine sauce and list goes on.

I wish you “bon appétit” as the French say and see you soon.



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